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Cyber Monday Smitten SALE!!


Come one come all!! Smitten SALE!! From Cyber Monday to Wednesday get 10% OFF your Smitten purchase with the coupon code CYBERSMITTENSALE  at my Etsy Shop!! AND for those lucky people living in the USA, enjoy FREE SHIPPING Year round!! Hurry up! Winter is coming!

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Smitten Mittens the must have fashion item for 2015!!

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Look how happy and warm Kim and Kanye look holding hands with their smitten mitten!  Sure, it’s not quite cold enough for Smitten Season, but to be a true fashion trendsetter you have to be ahead of the game!

Rumour has it the Smitten Mitten was given to Kanye as a “good luck running for President in 2020″ gift;  and now the happy couple wear it all the time!  Follow the fashion! Get your Smitten today!!

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I Wanna Hold your Hand… Inside of a Smitten of Course!

  For those of you who have seen the Smitten but are not quite sure how it works; Fear not! Here is a visual guide to how the smitten is used! Obviously the Smitten doesn’t magically appear on you and … Continue reading

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Smitten With Denmark!

Copenhagen is a perfect place for Smittens!  Why? you might ask.  Well it gets very very VERY cold there and in the winter its nice to have a special someone to steal body heat from. Also, most people walk or ride bikes to get around and that includes couples, and its just not fun holding hands with gloves on!  And finally, Copenhagen was rated number 3 as the city with the  “Hippest Dressers” and what could be more hip than a Smitten!?! Just look at this hip couple below!  They are ready for a city stroll on foot (Use smittens on bikes at your own risk).

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I am Smitten with this Engagement photo!!

I love when happy customers send me photos of the smitten being put to good use, AND I am honoured to hear that my smitten was used in this couples engagement photo!!  Congratulations to Christina and her fiancé! May your … Continue reading

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Think Pink this October to Support Breast Cancer Awareness!

  October is Breast Cancer awareness month!  Support the brave women in your life by wearing pink to honor them.  I made the Pink Ribbon Smitten to show my support for the cure!   There have been a lot of great … Continue reading

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Smitten Mittens, guantes para dos, guanti per due, варежки для двух, moufles pour deux, 二人ミトン

Smittens are being shipped all over the world and here are the top ten countries that have visited!  I wish I could go to all the countries my Smittens are moving to! If only I could hop into a … Continue reading

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Smittens are D-Luux

LUXX Smitten article The Smitten Mitten was featured on a pretty neat web site called Luux.. check it out!

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