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Smitten With Denmark!

Copenhagen is a perfect place for Smittens!  Why? you might ask.  Well it gets very very VERY cold there and in the winter its nice to have a special someone to steal body heat from. Also, most people walk or ride bikes to get around and that includes couples, and its just not fun holding hands with gloves on!  And finally, Copenhagen was rated number 3 as the city with the  “Hippest Dressers” and what could be more hip than a Smitten!?! Just look at this hip couple below!  They are ready for a city stroll on foot (Use smittens on bikes at your own risk).

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Orange dots= Smittenmitten.com views.. BIG orange dots means LOTS of Smitten views!

  Austrlia, South America, Japan, Russia, Italy, France, the Ukraine, Bosnia, and an orange dot in the middle of no where!  Each dot is someone who is looking is at SmittenMitten.com!  Thanks for looking and Shopping!

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No Couple left behind!

Obama and Michelle Just love Smittenmitten.com ! Not only are Smittens made in America, they are great for keeping hands warm, and we all know Washington get pretty cold!

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